3 Good Reasons to Fix a duct leak

air duct leak

3 Good Reasons to fix your Duct Leak!


1) Energy Efficiency = Saving $$$

Yes, we all know that a leak in any tube cause air to escape and unwanted air to enter.  Whenever we have a leak in the air ducts, this is exactly what’s happening.  Unwanted debris can enter and quality air is lost.  Due to this, a strain is placed on your Air Conditioning Unit, causing it to run longer than intended.  In addition to this, there is less cooling, but more run demand on your unit!  This is Bad for Your energy bill.  Likewise, this is bad for the life of your Air Conditioning System. 

Increase Comfort

Also, your comfort is valuable too.  Let’s face it, we live in Florida.  This means we have heat, humidity, and bugs!  Really!  Nobody has time for all of that.  After a long day of work, you deserve to te comfortable and dry.  Leaks in insulation can allow pollen entry, dust, insects, and unwanted humidity.  If your home feels soggier than you believe it should have us come out and check your ducts.  Because a Leaky duct is often overlooked, it’s a good idea to rule it out.

 Peace of Mind

Certainly, you will rest better knowing your ducts are secure.  Central Florida is home to many species that support our ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean you want to welcome them into your home.  An effort to ensure your home is well sealed is minimal to it’s benefits.  So, if you think your home has duct issues, let’s but tie it all down. Because you know you will feel better, it’s worth it!

We think you get it!

Finally, your duct system is responsible for efficiently distributing air throughout your home.  Potential savings from a high-efficiency HVAC unit can be undermined if your ducts are leaking.  Energy Star reported that the typical home loses 20-40 percent of the air that moves through the ductwork.  therefore, you don’t have room for leaks.  Let’s Get this done!