5 Cold Hacks

Increase Productivity

​5 Cold Productivity Hacks!

  1. Know to say no!  The best way to get more time is to keep some for you.  Too often we give away our time to things use up our energy, and attention for unnecessary reasons.
    Hey, we are no dull people here… if you need to just kick it… then kick it with your “Homies”  When it comes to saying no, you need to know exactly what you’re up against, and exactly how much time you are going to need to do a darn good job! So, if you ain’t got time for all that then know to say NO!
  2. Remember perfect is the enemy of good!   At Cold Wall, Inc. we try our best to be better than the rest.  I’m talking from customer service to technician performances.  Everything we do is in house, so that means we have to be sensible.  In fact, it’s part of our promise.  We are human and we will never be perfect…that’s right and neither will you. So, lighten up my friend.  I know you can adapt and let sensibility win.  If you happen to create something that is perfect in a decent amount of time…then that’s great, but don’t strive for it every time. That can make you late!
  3. Slim down those emails and automate that signature: We are talking 0-100 here!  You know how it feels to get emails that have 15 paragraphs to tell you two things.  OMG!  Knockdown your time by creating emails in 5 sentences or less!   You have to be like: Hi Sally, I hope you are having a fantastic day!  I’m writing to tell you ______________________.  And I really like__________ Contact me to discuss this further! Thanks so much, (drop that automated signature)  GET OUTTA THERE!  Ain’t nobody got time for all that yesterday stuff!
  4. Stop organizing your email into folders!  This is a contractor’s favorite!  Yes! Yes! It’s true.  If it’s not a very important document, then let the email hang on the server.  If you ever need it then use the search bar to pull it up again.  Because, once you file it away, it’s likely you won’t remember where you buried that document.  However, when using the search bar, if you can remember anything pertaining to the document, then you can always retrieve it! It saves so much time.
  5. Work on Pomodoro time. The “Pomodoro Technique” is a time-management technique where you work on just one activity for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break. It’s incredibly effective. Just set a timer and get busy!