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About Us – Cold Wall, Inc. is the Best Solution for HVAC Services in Orlando & Central Florida.  This journey started when the need for Air Conditioning Services was needed for the family of Mr. Ron Hamilton.  As a young family man, Ron became inspired to persue HVAC.  After having to call someone out to repair his own unit, Ron quickly realized developing HVAC skills would be beneficial.  Mr. Ron Hamilton hasn’t looked back since experiencing a system let down, back in 1997.  

Because Ron was mechanically trained by his grandfather, he excelled in Orlando Technical School of HVAC.  Consequently, he earned an entry-level Night Shift position at Lockheed Martin!   Therefore, he accredits much of his success to a combination of experiences.  Ultimately, Ron excelled quickly and went on to gain his contractor’s license.  However, he knew the value of hands on experience.  So, he served as an entry-level technician and grew into an Account Manager at MSI. 

Today, Ron has placed his values and work ethic into Cold Wall, Inc.  For that reason, the Central Florida Community has direct access to Sensible Solutions, Professional Performances, and Real Results for HVAC Services!  We serve from the seat of these great values.  When you hire us,  rest assured industry standards are exceeded!  Everything we do is centered around delivering Real Results! 

Solutions – Perfomance – Results®… it’s our promise to you!