AC Repair FAQ

How much for Air Conditioning Service Repair

It's no secrete we are experiencing an inflation.  However our Residential Service Prices have remained the same.  Cold Wall Air Conditioning Service Request is only $99.00.   Best of all this includes the first half hour of work.  If it's a quick fix, we knock it down and you're good to go!   

No matter what, we will find the problem and tell you exactly what it is and  how much it will cost for additional repairs.  

How soon can you fix my Air Conditioner?

We always try to come out the same day. However we are proud to be a small company, but the reality of this is our schedule fills quickly.  Therefore, we always encourage everyone to contact us ASAP.  We prioritize all calls on a first come first serve basis.  

I'm a renter...will you fix my Air Conditioner?

Of Course, renters get hot too.  If your Air Conditioner breaks we take care of you no problem.  We always advise you to notify the owner you and reach an agreement about who will cover repair costs.  Whoever is paying for the work will contact us and give authorization for billing.  After this we schedule the repair.  availability.  

I have a Home Warranty...Can I use your Company?

In some cases your Home Warranty company may allow you to go outside of their network.  However at this time Cold Wall, Inc. is not part of any third party networking services.  We value working directly with our customers.  This allows us to bring Orlando Residents the best Air Conditioning Solutions, Performance and Results! 

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