Load Calculations

A look at Heat Load Calculations Because Heat Load Calculations are needed to design residential heating or cooling systems, we are tackling the topic.  Performing a Heat Load Calculation should always be done.  Because a load calculation determines the size of a building’s heating and cooling needs.  It is too important to overlook.  Contractors must Read More

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance It’s a well known fact that Preventative Maintenance will Increase Energy Savings, Increase Uptime and Extend the Life of Equipment.  Whether it’s a CRAC/CRAH unit, Roof Top, or Cooler we utilize brand specifications, for all _Preventative Maintenance.  This is huge because brands behave according to their design. First, it takes an experienced technician Read More

EC Fan Kit Upgrades

  EC Fans are more efficient at partial load, where many data centers are running because they maintain efficiency throughout the entire speed and load range. They do not rely on incoming line voltage, which results in a more precise air flow.  Lower motor temperatures result in a higher net cooling capacity, possibly reducing the Read More

Variable Speed Drives

 A variable speed drive (also known as a VSD, variable frequency drive, VFD, adjustable speed drive, inverter, converter or simply, ‘a drive’) is a device which is used to control the speed or torque generated by an electric motor. Its construction consists of a series of PCBs (printed circuit boards) to control the drive’s ‘power Read More

Variable Air Volume Terminals

Variable air volume is a type of heating, ventilating, and/or air-conditioning system. Unlike constant air volume systems, which supply a constant airflow at a variable temperature, VAV systems vary the airflow at a constant temperature. The advantages of VAV systems over constant-volume systems include more precise temperature control, reduced compressor wear, lower energy consumption by Read More

Fans and Blowers

HVAC fans and blowers are used to move air through heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They are an integral part of the air handling systems that bring or draw fresh air into buildings. HVAC fans and blowers can be mounted to an exterior wall (ventilation unit) or above the ceiling (plenum fan), or used as Read More

Air Handling Units

The basic function of the AHU is take in outside air, condition it and supply fresh air to a building. All exhaust air is discharged, which secures an acceptable indoor air quality. Depending on the required temperature of the conditioned air, the fresh air is either heated by a recovery unit or heating coil, or Read More