CRAC Performance Assessment Check-Up

Proactively Manage CRAC Cooling Capacity

   Ensure reliability & extend service life by giving your Data Center a CRAC Performance Assessment.  

  • Evaluate your data center’s infrastructure capabilities and ability to support long-term business needs
  • Collect and analyze your heat output, energy use, and cooling capacity.
  • Report and Advise on all matters

When you rely on us, expect to get the most out of your data center/server room equipment.  Our CRAC Performance Assessment, seat you with confidence as you learn, plan and execute a strategy to keep your systems operating with peak performance.  For this reason, your team can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Because you want the best, for your Data Center call on us, Central Florida’s local Computer Room Air Conditioning Experts.  Ultimately, you want someone who is Experienced, Trained, and Certified on various brands.  We know your IT Department is faced with a multitude of challenges, including increasing workloads, evolving technologies, aging CRAC units,  and rising energy prices.

Furthermore,  many data centers are finding it difficult to keep up with the industry the pace of industry changes and infrastructure.  Because of this, having Cold Wall, Inc. to lean on is a crucial asset to your IT  or Maintenance team.  As a result of proactively managing data center/server room cooling systems, you can improve reliability, reduce energy costs and make the most of your existing facility and infrastructure.

Assessment Solutions

CRAC Performance Assessments

Basic Plus Premium
A basic service that will provide you with an inventory of your critical cooling equipment, note overall operating conditions and offer sensible solutions to improve equipment, based on manufacturer guidelines.

Everything in Basic and an in-depth assessment that will provide room-scale cooling capacity and utilization information as well as rack-level cooling analysis using airflow measurements

A detailed cooling analysis based on measured electrical distribution load readings at the rack level

    Additional services can be added to configure a package that suits your data center cooling needs

      Ultimately, you get a detailed report on your cooling infrastructure condition, utilization levels, and performance capabilities. In addition to this, we provide action-based recommendations to resolve apparent and latent issues.

      Finally, our  experts will:

      • Configure service modules to provide an assessment package tailored to your business needs
      • Establish a cooling capability baseline
      • Provide utilization information relative to critical infrastructure capacity
      • Note data center electrical and mechanical equipment operating conditions
      • Review critical cooling maintenance programs
      • Identify Computer/server room cooling deficiencies and offer energy savings opportunities
      • Deliver a comprehensive report that provides solution options to data center inadequacies as well as strategies to extend data center service life

      Now, schedule an assessment or to learn more about our Computer Room Air Conditioning  Assessment services, please contact us at 321-947-5106!