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Load Calculations
A look at Heat Load Calculations Because Heat Load Calculations are needed to design residential heating or cooling systems, we[...]
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance It’s a well known fact that Preventative Maintenance will Increase Energy Savings, Increase Uptime and Extend the Life[...]
EC Fan Kit Upgrades
  EC Fans are more efficient at partial load, where many data centers are running because they maintain efficiency throughout[...]
Variable Speed Drives
 A variable speed drive (also known as a VSD, variable frequency drive, VFD, adjustable speed drive, inverter, converter or simply,[...]
Variable Air Volume Terminals
Variable air volume is a type of heating, ventilating, and/or air-conditioning system. Unlike constant air volume systems, which supply a[...]
Fans and Blowers
HVAC fans and blowers are used to move air through heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They are an integral[...]
Air Handling Units
The basic function of the AHU is take in outside air, condition it and supply fresh air to a building.[...]
Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring Partner Quickly visualize your data center floor plan and rack elevations and see important information including[...]
  Facility Managers can rely on our relationship with major Manufactures to provide you with compatible parts for your equipment. [...]
Equipment Upgrades
  Reasons for Equipment Upgrades fall into one or more of theses categories!    Support and Cost - due to obsolescence and[...]
Cold Wall, Inc. Sensible Solutions integrate easily with requirements of government contracts, GSA schedules and regulatory compliance expectations.  We make it[...]
Health Care Services Hospitals and healthcare estates are under increasing pressure to deliver more with less, while also complying with[...]
Residential AC
Visit your AC Store! Learn More Solutions Complete Site Assessment Collaborative Consultations Value Pricing Energy Star Equipment Selection Home Care[...]
K-12 Education
We know when students are comfortable and happy, it's likely they will do better while in school.  Google it, and[...]
Air Cooled Chiller Service and Maintenance
Air Cooler Chiller Service and Maintenance Air-cooled chillers are refrigeration systems used in both commercial and industrial facilities to cool[...]

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Truly and honestly, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for those we serve.  Everything we do is dictated by the request of our customers.  Our operation is in constant synchrony with our customer's unique demands.   Adaptability allows us to consistently provide Central Florida with the best outcomes.  Our Great Values are integrated within our processes. Ensuring best practices are applied from initiation to job completion.  Fueled by Results, we love delivering the WOW effect!  

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