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Your Edgewood Air Conditioning Service Team is ready to handle any of your Edgewood Air Conditioning needs. Servicing the Edgewood Community is our pleasure.  Click below to start your Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair, or get a Brand New AC Unit.  Either Way, we promise Sensible Solutions, Professional Performances and Real Results!  Let's Go! 

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Commercial & Residential  

Types of Air Conditioning Services 

HVAC Mechanical Systems Life Expectancy

Commercial AC

HVAC Maintenance, Service or Installations right here in Edgewood.  We deliver commercial solutions.  Data Center Cooling is our Specialty, and we can care for your Rooftops and Refrigeration systems too! 

Air Conditioning New Unit

Residential AC

Your home cooling unit is vital to comfort in Edgewood.  Our temperatures can be extreme during the summer.   Don't sweat it out...you have Cold Wall, Inc. to rely on.  We thrive on delivering Real Air Conditioning Results throughout Edgewood! 

Air Conditioning Roof top

Specialty Mechanical Services

Our relationship with major brands and network partners give us a unique edge.  Our Mechanical Services span from Data Room Cooling to Gas Detection services.


Covering the Edgewood Area and Surrounding cities   

Love Edgewood Air Conditioning Services

Avoid Big Retail Chains 

 We are your Local Air Conditioning Service Company! Sure Big Retail Giants dangle money ads all of the time. But, do you honestly think they are going to give you thousands of dollars? If they tell you that...RUN! It's likely you are about to be hit with a price so big they must distract you telling you they are giving you money... But wait a minute... It was already your money!  So how are they going to give you your own money back.  IDK! Just Run!    

Choose Your Local Pro Direct

 With so many third party platforms to choose from, it's likely you are missing out on the best Air Conditioning Companies in Central Florida.  In fact, you won't find us on Amazon Services, Home Advisor, or Angie's List.    All in all, it's always better to choose your contractor direct!  We are thrilled you found us! When you call us, expect real people you can count on from start to finish. When you choose us, expect the same people to do exactly what we said we would do. No hidden agendas.  No third party platforms to pay.   

We Guarantee

We are so confident we can deliver Real Results your Repair is always guaranteed for 90 days. Brand New AC Installations are backed by a full year craftsman warranty and a manufacture warranty chosen by you. 

Residential Air Conditioning Service Requests

Edgewood Customers fiercely protects their families.  You guys are very particular about who you let in your home.  We respect that.  That's exactly why we do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable.  Needless to say, Cold Wall Inc. will never send anyone to your door without drug screening, background checks and customer service training.  We know without your trust we have nothing.   So, we are prepared to earn it! 

residential Air Conditioning

Edgewood Air Conditioning Services Request Process

  1. Your system is not operating!  Take notes and contact us! 
  2. We agree to a convenient time.  
  3. Technician at your door Ready to deliver Sensible Solutions Professional Performances and Real Results.  

Call us: 321-947-5106

Call us anytime.  We operate Monday - Friday from 7am-7pm.  We book out pretty quickly, so don't delay.  If you are having any trouble with your Air  Conditioning Unit, and you live in Edgewood... Schedule Today!  

Complete the Form:

If you prefer to complete the online form.  That's great too!  We respond very quickly.  All forms go directly to available reps who will schedule your appointment promptly! 

Forms of Payment

Major Credit Cards


We use the most secure payment processing technology.  No sketchy business here.  We are all about your safety and ours.  Swipe with Confidence.  

ACH Debit


Perhaps you don't want to use a major credit card. That's fine.  Our relationships with banks are in tact.  Make your ACH Debit Payment directly on our invoice.  Easy! 



Don't have the money up front.  We understand.  Air Conditioning Installs and Major work can be above budgets.  Inquire about our financing.  You will be so happy you did! 

Edgewood Air Conditioning Services FAQ's

How much for Edgewood Air Conditioning Service Repair?

It's no secrete we are experiencing an inflation.  However our Residential Service Prices have remained the same.  Cold Wall Air Conditioning Service Request is only $69.00.   Best of all this includes the first half hour of work.  If it's a quick fix, we knock it down and you're good to go!   

No matter what, we will find the problem and tell you exactly what it is and  how much it will cost to repair.  


How soon can you fix my Air Conditioner?

We always try to come out the same day. However we are proud to be a small company, but the reality of this is our schedule fills quickly.  Therefore, we always encourage everyone to contact us ASAP.  We work all calls on a first come first serve basis.  We always seem to manage within a day or two.  


What if I'm a renter...will you fix my Air Conditioner?

Of Course, renters get hot too.  If your Air Conditioner breaks we take care of you no problem.  We always advise you to notify the owner you and reach an agreement about who will cover repair costs.  Whoever is paying for the work will contact us and give authorization for billing.  After this we schedule the repair.  availability.  


I have a Home Warranty can I use Your Company?

In some cases your Home Warranty company may allow you to go outside of their network.  However at this time Cold Wall, Inc. is not part of any third party networking services.  We value working directly with our customers.  This allows us to bring Orlando Residents the best Air Conditioning Solutions, Performance and Results!