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 Facility Managers Guide to Energy Efficiency in Small Data Centers


Facility Managers of  Data centers continue to be plagued with a lack of experience to assess, identify and implement energy-saving opportunities. As a result, energy performance within Data Centers tends to fall short. For this reason, Cold Wall, Inc. has compiled a guide to help Managers and Data Center Operators get in the driver seat to drive Energy Efficiency in the up direction.

According to   The DOE, Data centers that have implemented these measures have experienced typical savings of 20 to 40%.

That’s a huge amount of savings for any sized Data Center.  However, this guide will focus on Small Data Centers.

Defining Small Data Centers

  • Small data centers are comprised of spaces under 5,000 square feet
  • While small on an individual basis, these data centers collectively house more than half of all servers (Shehabi et al 2016) and consume about 40 billion kWh per year.

What Can Facility Managers Do

Facility Managers who are responsible for implementing these strategies can use this guide to direct their initiatives.  Most Importantly, assigning qualified personnel to accomplish your energy goals is key.  For teams that rely on contract services,  verify your energy efficiency plan.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of Facility Managers to ensure maximum savings. 

If you are responsible for small Data Centers and would like experts to show you how to maximize on Energy Efficiency, Reduce Downtime and Increase Savings…get in touch!  

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