Equipment Upgrades


Reasons for Equipment Upgrades fall into one or more of theses categories! 


Support and Cost – due to obsolescence and lack of spare parts, or if the vendor withdraws active support for your system, the cost of your business increases.

Performance –  that the system still operates but more slowly than it used to, or not as fast as the newer systems. The user interface may be old and more difficult to use than a newer one. Perhaps the system is not as easy to understand and operate as it might be.

Reliability –  High reliability requires a little regular service and calibration. When reliability starts to depend on a lot of services, it may be time for an upgrade.
Need for change – If your business is growing or the industry is changing, you may have a need for change. Your system needs to expand its capabilities or be upgraded with new features to maintain your business goals.

What to think about when deciding to upgrade

  • Existing equipment is obsolete, difficult to maintain, or hard to get parts for
  • Existing equipment no longer meets your functional or technical requirements for operation
  • Improved energy or operator efficiency through utility savings and simplified operation and problem recognition
  • Higher accuracy and less waste
  • Reduced labor costs from automating more of the process
  • Enhanced data acquisition and visualization remotely and in real time
  • Higher safety standards

As with any technology, improvements continue to be made in existing product lines, and new capabilities may have been introduced since your equipment was first installed.