HVAC Tips n Tricks Hiring Contractors

hvac tips n tricks

10 HVAC Tips for Hiring Contractor

Get HVAC Tips when hiring a contracting. Gain insights into basic things you can do to manage your interactions with HVAC Contractors

1. Study up — Find out about license and insurance requirements for contractors in your state. And before you call a contractor, know the model of your current system and its maintenance history. Also, make note of any uncomfortable rooms. This will help potential contractors better understand your heating needs.

2. Ask for referrals — Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for contractor referrals.  At Cold Wall Inc. we gladly give references.  Request References here! See exactly how we deliver Results. 

3. Call references —  Commonly people are curious about time frames and budgets.  Cold Wall is more obsessed with communicating what to expect.  Budgets and Time frames vary based on your needs.  Ask our customers if we provided results.  We care more about the value delivered.  This comes from the overall performance.  

HVAC Tips Definitely Take Value over Discounts

4. Take Value over Discounts — The Best HVAC Tip is to always take Value over Price.  Because in the end, the Overall Cost will matter.  Your HVAC system is one of the largest purchases you’ll make as a homeowner. That’s why Cold Wall, Inc. promise all customers Real Results.  We don’t have big budget tripwires.  We tell you exactly how much a job will cost and offer various ways to finance installs should you choose that.  Ultimately, our customers win with quality and peace of mind.   

5. Look for ENERGY STAR — ENERGY STAR qualified products to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and offer significant long-term energy savings. Contractors should be able to offer the latest ENERGY STAR heating and cooling equipment. We certainly do. 

6. Expect a home evaluation — The contractor should spend significant time inspecting your current system and home to assess your needs. A bigger system isn’t always better; a contractor should size the heating and cooling system based on the size of your house, level of insulation, and windows. A good contractor will inspect your duct system (if applicable) for air leaks and insulation and measure airflow to make sure it meets manufacturers’ specifications.

HVAC Tips – Estimates in Writing

7. Get written itemized estimates — When comparing contractors’ proposals (bids), be sure to compare cost, energy efficiency, and warranties. The lowest price may not be the best deal if it’s not the most efficient because your energy costs will be higher. Cold Wall, Inc. promises Sensible Solutions, Professional Performances, and Real Results.  Request a Quote Today! 

8. Get writing — This is no HVAC Tip n Trick this is a standard.  Avoid companies that orally drop numbers.  They are not fully committed to this. Only accept professionally written proposals.  Detailed proposals prepare you by specifying project costs, type of equipment, job schedule, and warranty information.

9. Learn about the company —  There are tons of AC companies to choose from.  You should be able to feel completely comfortable from start to finish.  That’s why Cold Wall, Inc. is an open book.  We are locally owned and operating, gladly serving our community.  Feel free to call 321-947-5106 and speak directly to us. 

10. Gather Resources —See our InfoGraphic on ways to approach and save with a Cold Wall Residential Install! 

Thanks for considering our HVAC Tips n Tricks.  We hope you got some takeaways from this.  Feel free to leave any comments.  We welcome the conversation.  We take it as a privilege to serve our community.  This means interacting directly and adjusting to meet you where your needs are. So please let us know exactly what you think.  If you need service, maintenance, or an install it’s totally Safe to use Cold Wall!