HVAC Ambassador Agreement

  1. Payment is based on actual sales. 
    1. Service Purchase: $25.00 per service 
    2. Installation: $250 per Installation
  2. Payments will be made via Cash App
  3. Ambassadors must learn and follow Cold Wall Sales and Service Strategies (refer to website)
  4. All Payouts will be based on the notification that Sales were driven by the Ambassador. (via Cold Wall Tools form, phone, email, etc.)
  5. All tools and advertisements are supplied by Cold Wall, Inc. 
  6. In some cases, Ambassadors are allowed to use their own verbiage.  In this case, all words spoken, written, or developed (Pictures, videos, etc.) shall never contain: 
    1. foul language, or any other vulgar representation
    2. False statements regarding the process, deals, or anything related to the business
    3. Racists, or Sexiest Tones
    4. Religious Assertions
    5. Deals that are not approved by Cold Wall, Inc.   
    6. Share details of Cold Wall, Inc strategies with others who are not related to Cold Wall, Inc. 
  7. Voluntarily participate in the growth of Cold Wall, Inc by sharing insights, and ideas to be evaluated and implemented
  8. Positively Support the Image of Cold Wall, Inc. 
  9. I understand Cold Wall, Inc. reserves the right to update, change and correct terms and conditions at any time.  In cases where changes affect payouts, a fair 30 day period will be observed.  

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