Load Calculations

A look at Heat Load Calculations Because Heat Load Calculations are needed to design residential heating or cooling systems, we are tackling the topic.  Performing a Heat Load Calculation should always be done.  Because a load calculation determines the size of a building’s heating and cooling needs.  It is too important to overlook.  Contractors must Read More


CRAC INSTALLSSensible Solutions to CRAC Installs Approaoach Solutions PRo Performance  Results  Plan for Load Density Adjust for speed changes usining Modular[…]Read More  Critical CoolingWorking with Leading Manufactures in Design and Energy efficiency Cold Wall, Inc. is your access to cooling technology leaders providing[…]Read More  Life SafetyTotal gas monitoring solutions for enclosed spaces within a commercial Read More

Learn Your Super Power

Learn your Super Power and Put it to work We are all Super Hero’s in some way.  Use the Cool Quiz to find out exactly what type you are.  Take your powers a step further…look at this cool opportunity for Central Florida Hero’s to put our Power to work! Click to learn more! Read More

Socks n Slippers for Seniors

2018Socks n Slippers for SeniorsBecause caring for our Seniors is one of our greatest responsibilities, we rally up business partners to collect socks n slippers.  From the first week in Nov. til the week of Thanksgiving, our community and business partners fill boxes with Socks n Slippers for our Senior Community.There is no measure of Read More