Results for your AC Repairs Direct Access to Air Conditioning Results  Sensible SolutionsBest Value It’s hot in Orlando!  That’s why Air Conditioning is at the heart of comfort cooling.  As your local AC company, we are dedicated to a sensible solutions to keeping you and your family cool.  Call us Today! 321-947-5106We are always ready to Read More

3 Good Reasons to Fix a duct leak

3 Good Reasons to fix your Duct Leak!   1) Energy Efficiency = Saving $$$ Yes, we all know that a leak in any tube cause air to escape and unwanted air to enter.  Whenever we have a leak in the air ducts, this is exactly what’s happening.  Unwanted debris can enter and quality air Read More

Because Everyone Deserves Great Air Quality!

    Because Everyone Deserves Great Air Quality! Feel Free to Download 10 Tips for Air Quality Improvement! Get 10 Tips on Improving Air Quality. Feel Free to Download the Guide. Thanks to our ASHRAE this little handy dandy is a Freebie! Read More

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

HVAC Maintenance Checklist It is a great thing to keep your HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) routinely Maintained. Because we get this question far too often, we are letting everyone know.  Whenever you have a Maintenance done on your Air Conditioning & Heating System, follow the Energy Star recommendations.  Because most of their guidelines Read More

5 Cold Hacks

​5 Cold Productivity Hacks! Know to say no!  The best way to get more time is to keep some for you.  Too often we give away our time to things use up our energy, and attention for unnecessary reasons. Hey, we are no dull people here… if you need to just kick it… then kick Read More

Heating and Cooling Tips for Energy Efficiency

Heating and Cooling Tips Because up to half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, Cold Wall, Inc is dedicated to helping your make great decisions regarding your HVAC system! You see, we understand this has a direct impact on your comfort and your monthly utility bill.  That’s why we Read More

CRAC Consulting

Planning Site Evaluation Environmental Considerations Equipment Selection Pre Installation Installation Start Up   Read More