Integrity and Business Does Exist

Integrity is the thread of our HVAC business that binds everything we do. From the moment we speak until your job is complete, we treat all potential customers, every client, and every competitor with integrity that Daddy Bammy would be proud of!

A man of his times, Daddy Bammy was the grandfather of our working contractor, Ron.  Growing up under the care of Daddy Bammy gave Ron the skin he needed to thrive.  Ron carries countless memories of his grandfather using him as his assistant.  Whether it was building an addition to the family house, or repairing the automobile of a client’s car, Ron was at his side.

Daddy Bammy ran an auto shop that took care of his family.  He could have overcharged, and created unnecessary repairs, but he never did.  His work was so impeccable that other mechanics brought their most difficult repairs to him.  His hard work and integrity earned him respect in the community and amongst his peers.

From smacks upside the head to  his daily bread, Ron was fiercely loved by his grandfather.  Not a man of many words, Daddy Bammy showed Ron what integrity is.  “I am the man I am because of my grandfather! I thank God, for him.”   As an honor to Daddy Bammy,  Cold Wall, Inc. will continue a legacy of good old fashioned integrity, as demonstrated by Daddy Bammy.