Cold Wall, Inc. serving LG Results.  


Some Issues are no issues at all. 

LG systems causing issues for a client.  The fan will not turn on.  

Situation: LG Multi V Backup unit not operating.  

Fan- Monitor not properly operating.  

System only 2 years old.  Cold Wall asked to give it a go.

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Main Benefit of Course 3

Duration: 3h 55m

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Main Benefit of Course 4

Duration: 3h 55m

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Main Benefit of Course 5

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Main Benefit of Course 6

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When customers ask questions, we go get answers!  

No stone is ever unturned.  LG is a Korean Company and designs differently than other popular brands.  Understanding their customized troubleshooting methodology can seem daunting to the most experienced technician, but their training center more than compensates with classroom and hands on learning opportunities.  

We care about results!  This trip was more than worth it!  Not only did we find the slippery solution, we learned how to approach, diagnose, and resolve issues on LG Cooling Equipment.  Another relationship formed.  Proudly Servicing LG Equipment. 

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