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A look at Heat Load Calculations

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Because Heat Load Calculations are needed to design residential heating or cooling systems, we are tackling the topic.  Performing a Heat Load Calculation should always be done.  Because a load calculation determines the size of a building’s heating and cooling needs.  It is too important to overlook.  Contractors must determine the size of the required heating and cooling equipment.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of links where you can get your  Residential calculations done for FREE

Try Northern Calc for Load Calculations

Try final Analysis for Load Calculations

Above all, the Gold Standard for Creating Residential Heating and Cooling load Calculations is with Manual J, a load calculation method developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). Manual J calculations are made with a Manual J software program — for example, Adtek AccuLoads, Cool Calc, Elite RHVAC, EnergyGauge, or Wrightsoft RightSuite Universal.

The Manual J8 provides detailed requirements for producing a residential load calculation. It is the most widely accepted standard apply to any dwelling unit.  This Manual Includes:

  • Single family detached structures, duplex structures, and triplex structures;
  • Single family attached structures (row house or town house);
  • Dwelling units in multi-family attached structures (condo and apartment units); and
  • Energy efficient homes.

You can order a copy of Manual J from ACCA.  The Manual J Residential Load Calculation (Full Edition) Price:  $165.95

Load Calculations Usage

Ultimately, the results from an accurate room-by-room load calculation allow contractors to select precise equipment. However,  Load Calculations can also be useful in designing a duct system.  The end goal is designing with efficiency.  

Unfortunately, many contractors fudge this step because it is time-consuming.   This can leave your new system insufficient for your home.  Typically contractors use square footage to estimate cooling needs.  Beware of this type of estimating cooling needs.  Any new system or upgrade deserves a professional Manual J Calculation.

How we do Load Calculations

Finally, if you are a homeowner looking for a Professional Team to complete your HVAC new Install, give us a Call.  We Love Heat Load Calculations and do them on every project.  Our approach is Easy – Fast and Reliable.  We support contractors too.  If you are a contractor that doesn’t have time to complete a professional Manual J Calculation, we don’t mind filling in for you.  Either way, contact us.  We always ensure your project is well done!

Create a Sales Page for our Heat Load Calculations that answers all the above  – For Central Floridians needing a Residential  Calculation Our Team is has the best solution for you.  If you want something that is Easy – Fast – and Reliable contact us.  We can get this done for you.

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