Strengthening Relationships with SPR!

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Situation:  LG MV 4 never worked from time of instal by a different contractor.  Cold Wall  was consulted and asked to give it a go!  

SPR initiated!  

S - Solution:  BACNET wires found to be interfering with power transfer to LGV4.  Controls team deployed to remove uneeded wires for the appropriate function of the unit. 

P - Performance:   Assessment was tricky.  LG tech support consulted and suggested it may be power from the fan causing an issue.     Upon trouble shooting fan no clear errors found.  Reference manuals checked, no seemingly clear resolve.  Cold Wall, Inc. initiated transfer of the fan directly to LG Air Conditioning Headquaters in Alpharetta, Ga.  LG specific troubleshooting knowledge acquired.  Knowledge applied to unit and fan in question.  After two days of applied learning, there seemingly were no clear reasons for the unit, or the fan to be malfunctioning.  Fan was placed on diangnostic machine. The fan worked like it was designed to work.  No need to replace the fan.  With graciousness for newly gained skills on LG systems, Cold Wall asked final questions  that led  Daniel - the LG instructor - to hone in on the exact issue.  It was revealed that LG systems should not have additional wired tied inot its LGV4 system.      

R - Real Results:  Through detailed conversation, error code translations, it was determined BACNET wires were interfering with power communication causing the unit to appear dead.  Fan and Unit doing well. Cold Wall returned to Orlando with a sensible Solution  whereby real Results were realized, again!  Customer thrilled - More trust instilled - Relationship Strenghtened. 

Job per job, our primary focus is not how much money can we earn... our primary focus is how much equity can we build.  Some jobs require investing more time, more understanding, more going the distance to discover a greater value for our Technicians and our Customers.  The payout of trust is far more sustainable than one "big paying job"... Job per job, we thrive by providing real Results! 

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